Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services is a branch of Child and Family Services. It investigates the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of vulnerable adults, including seniors and those with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Child Abuse Hotline and County Response Centers

Child Protective services is a branch of Child and Family Services and investigates the abuse, neglect and exploitation of children for the state.

Child and Family Services

The Child and Family Services Division is a part of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services with a mission to keep children safe and families strong.

Children’s Special Health Services – DPHHS

The Children's Special Health Service is a state agency supporting healthcare and development for children with disabilities.

Developmental Disabilities Program

The Developmental Disabilities Program is a division of DPHHS that support Montanans with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities.

Drummond Chamber of Commerce

The Drummond Chamber of Commerce provides business networking and support to the city of Drummond.

Family Outreach

Family Outreach provides early intervention and direct support services for children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Government Agencies – State and Federal

HRDC 1, 2, 3: Action for Eastern Montana

Action for Eastern Montana works to strengthen, promote, and enhance the quality of life within communities by boosting advocacy for achieving independence.

HRDC 10: Community Action Partnership of Northwest Montana

The Community Action Partnership of NW Montana offers programs that provide long-term solutions for individuals building independence and achieving self-sufficiency.

HRDC 11: District 11 HRC

The Human Resources Council partners with community service organizations and public interest groups to provide local, state, private, and federal resources to low-income communities.

HRDC 12: Action, Inc.

The Butte Assistance Programs provides Southwest Montana with emergency rent, weatherization, affordable housing, and childhood education services to boost quality of life.

HRDC 4: District 4 HRDC

The District 4 Human Resources Development Council works to serve, advise, and educate communities in an effort to break the cycle of poverty.

HRDC 5: Opportunities Inc.

Opportunities, Inc. partners with communities to educate low-income individuals to promote self-reliance and independent living.

HRDC 6: District 6 HRDC

District 6 HRDC is a community-based, 501 (C) 3 nonprofit organization that provides necessary services needed to aid low-income individuals and families to become self-sufficient community members.

HRDC 7: District 7 HRDC

District 7 Human Resources Development Council assists individuals and families in achieving economic independence by eliminating barriers that impede growth and prosperity.

HRDC 8: Rocky Mountain Development Council

Rocky Mountain Development Council, Inc. provides resources for individuals and families that improve quality of life through affordable housing, child care, and volunteer opportunities.

HRDC 9: District 9 HRDC

HRDC provides comprehensive tools that address basic needs like hunger and homelessness to create positive change within independent communities.

Human & Community Services Division

State Agency aimed at helping families and communities, including SNAP, Medicaid, TANF, and Pathways Program support.

Human Resources Development Councils of Montana

Montana Public Assistance

The Montana Public Assistance/ Medicaid Helpline helps connect people to state and federal programs, including healthcare like Medicaid.

Office of Public Assistance

The Office of Public Assistance is a state office that processes applications for SNAP, TANF, LIEAP, WIC, etc.

Philipsburg Chamber of Commerce

The Philipsburg Chamber of Commerce is an organization dedicated to advancing the business and civic interests of Philipsburg.

Social Security Administration Office

The Social Security Administration is a federal body that oversees most of the social welfare safety net for the nation.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Blind Services

Vocational Rehabilitation is a state service that helps Montanans with disabilities gain the necessary skills to obtain gainful employment.