Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services is a branch of Child and Family Services. It investigates the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of vulnerable adults, including seniors and those with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Alcohol and Drug Services of Gallatin County

Healthy Gallatin connects people to support and help for Substance Use in Gallatin County.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is a peer support and recovery program aimed at helping people overcome drinking problems. They have been taking it one day at a time for over 80 years.

Anaconda Housing

The Housing Authority of the City of Anaconda provides low-income housing options for residents in Anaconda, Montana.


AWARE, Inc. helps people living with disabilities or mental illness live independent lives through support, case management, and treatment, regardless of a person's ability to pay.

Belgrade Community Library

The Belgrade Community Library hosts fiction, non-fiction, and reference titles as well as teen and children's programs.

Belgrade High School Special Education

The Belgrade School District Special Education program supports students with individual needs for education.

Bozeman High School Special Education

Bozeman High School Special Education provides support to students with disabilities and those that require additional support in school.

Child Abuse Hotline and County Response Centers

Child Protective services is a branch of Child and Family Services and investigates the abuse, neglect and exploitation of children for the state.

Child and Family Services

The Child and Family Services Division is a part of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services with a mission to keep children safe and families strong.

Child Support Enforcement Division

The Child Support Enforcement Division is a state agency supporting mandated child support enforcement services.

Children’s Special Health Services – DPHHS

The Children's Special Health Service is a state agency supporting healthcare and development for children with disabilities.

Community Health Partners

Community Health Partners provide wellness check-ups, adult education, mental health support, and out-patient primary care.

Community Partners and Resources

The Montana Department of Commerce partners with non-profit organizations and other government agencies to aid in the development of affordable homes and beautiful communities.


Connect Montana is an online referral system connecting people to local human service providers.

Developmental Disabilities Program

The Developmental Disabilities Program is a division of DPHHS that support Montanans with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities.

District 6 HRDC

District 6 HRDC provides emergency housing and housing assistance resources for community members within Fergus county.

District 7 HRDC (excludes City of Billings)

District 7 HRDC offers education resources on housing services and programs such as homelessness, energy assistance, and affordable housing.

District 9 HRDC

District 9 HRDC provides housing programs such as finding affordable housing, homeowner assistance, and homeless services.

Energy Share of Montana

Energy Share Montana helps people face energy crises, enabling Montanans to stay warm in the winter through furnace and weatherization programs, in addition to direct aid in paying for household energy.

Family Outreach

Family Outreach provides early intervention and direct support services for children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Field Agencies

A full list of field agencies that specialize in a wide variety of housing assistance and education.

Fort Harrison VA Medical Center

The Fort Harrison VA Medical Center provides primary in-patient and out-patient care, behavioral health support, a pharmacy, emergency services, as well as administrative and program support for the state's veterans.

Gallatin Valley Food Bank

Gallatin Valley Food Bank provides food supplies and nutritional resources to support local families.

Gardiner Community Library

The Gardiner Community Library provides fiction and non-fiction titles as well as free internet access.

Gardiner Food Pantry

The Gardiner Food Pantry provides food supplies to the local area.

Headwaters Area Food Bank

Headwaters Area Food bank provide food supplies to the Three Forks area.

Help Center, INC

Help Center, Inc provides a safe, confidential place for people to receive crisis counseling and support.

Homeownership Resources for Buyers and Owners

Montana Housing provides financial programs that offer benefits for homebuyers like low-interest rates and closing cost assistance.

Housing and Urban Development – Montana Programs

Housing and Urban Development is a federal Department overseeing affordable housing programs and development.

HRDC 9: District 9 HRDC

HRDC provides comprehensive tools that address basic needs like hunger and homelessness to create positive change within independent communities.

Human & Community Services Division

State Agency aimed at helping families and communities, including SNAP, Medicaid, TANF, and Pathways Program support.

Job Corps/MTC

The Job Corps provides career and vocational assistance to local residents aged 16 to 24.

Jobs for Montana Graduates (JMG)

Jobs for Montana Graduates is a state program for helping students connect with careers, especially for skills development and fostering.

Learning Partners program

The Learning Partners program is a service of Community Health Partners aimed at developing parent knowledge and skills so that families can thrive.

LIEAP Local Eligibility Offices

Local offices help individuals determine whether they will qualify for the program and help them apply.

Livingston Food Resource Center

Livingston Food Resource Center seeks to eliminate hunger in the local area through food distribution and coordinating a local, sustainable food system.

Livingston High School Special Education

Park High Special education supports individualized education for students with additional need for supports.

Low Income Energy Assistance Program

Low Income Energy Assistance Program, helping Montanans with low income to access water and energy resources, as well as winterization resources for homes.

Madison Valley Caring and Sharing Food Bank

Madison Valley Caring and Sharing provides food supplies to the local area.

Madison Valley Medical Center

Madison Valley Medical Center is a primary care hospital providing in-patient and out-patient services, as well as emergency services.

Madison Valley Public Library

The Madison Valley Public Library offers fiction and non-fiction titles, as well as reading programs, free wi-fi, and community information.

Manhattan High School Special Education

The Manhattan Public High School provides special education support for students with additional needs to obtain the public education guaranteed by law.

Manhattan Library

The Manhattan Library provides fiction and non-fiction titles as well as reading programs, wifi hotspot support, and community information.

Meagher County City Library

The Meagher County City Library provides fiction and non-fiction titles, free internet and computer access, as well as reading programs and community information.

Meagher County Community Senior Citizen Center

The Meagher County Community Senior Citizen Center provides social support to local area seniors.

Meagher County Nutrition Coalition

The Meagher County Nutrition Coalition provides nutrition support and food supplies to Meagher County.

Missoula Family Law Self Help Center

The Missoula Self-Help Law Center directs people to legal information and forms for those that cannot afford an attorney or choose to represent themselves.

Montana Job Service

The Montana Job Service provides career and vocational support to Montana residents.

Montana Department of Labor

The Montana DLI provides services for employers, job seekers, and workers across the state.

Montana Emergency Rental Assistance Program

The Montana Emergency Rental Assistance Program provides support to individuals who have experienced financial hardships and housing instability during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Montana Fair Housing

Montana Fair Housing is a non-profit organization aimed at the promotion of fair and equitable housing in Montana.

Montana Legal Services Association

Organization supporting civil legal rights of Montanans living in poverty.

Montana Public Assistance

The Montana Public Assistance/ Medicaid Helpline helps connect people to state and federal programs, including healthcare like Medicaid.

Mountainview Medical Center

Mountainview Medical Center provides primary care support and behavioral health services to the White Sulphur Springs area.

NAMI Montana

The National Alliance for Mental Illness provides advocacy and peer support for Montanans and their families living with Mental Illness.

Neighborworks MT

NeighborWorks Montana provides housing education and counseling, lending programs, and manufactured housing programs to make homeownership accessible and affordable.

North Yellowstone Education Foundation

The North Yellowstone Education Foundation seeks to advance educational missions to better support local students.

Office of Public Assistance

The Office of Public Assistance is a state office that processes applications for SNAP, TANF, LIEAP, WIC, etc.

Public Health Departments

The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) membership page provides a searchable directory of County Public Health Departments that links to local health authorities.

Region 4: Child Care Connections

Child Care Connections helps families find and afford quality child care in the Bozeman and Helena areas.

Region 7: District 7 HRDC – Billings

HRDC houses resources and documentation on family/provider services and aid in finding child care within the region.


Safe Space Online is a domestic violence and sexual assault prevention and support service for victims and survivors.

Social Security Administration Office

The Social Security Administration is a federal body that oversees most of the social welfare safety net for the nation.

Thompson-Hickman Madison County Library

This County Library serves Madison County and provides fiction and non-fiction titles, as wells as public internet access and community information.

Three Forks Community Library

Three Forks Community Library provides fiction and non-fiction titles, computer access, and community information.

Town of West Yellowstone Job & Social Services Center

The Town of West Yellowstone provides a centralized location for career support and social services. Community information on local, regional, and state-wide programs is readily available.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Blind Services

Vocational Rehabilitation is a state service that helps Montanans with disabilities gain the necessary skills to obtain gainful employment.

West Yellowstone Food Bank

West Yellowstone Food Bank provides food supplies to the local area.

West Yellowstone Public Library

The West Yellowstone Public Library provides reading programs, titles, community information, and internet access.

West Yellowstone Public Library

The West Yellowstone Public Library provides reading programs, titles, community information, and internet access.

Western Montana Mental Health Center

Western Montana Mental Health Center provides comprehensive in-patient and out-patient support for Montanans living with mental health concerns.

White Sulphur Springs High School

White Sulphur youth and education.