Housing Resources and Rights

Neighborworks MT

NeighborWorks Montana provides housing education and counseling, lending programs, and manufactured housing programs to make homeownership accessible and affordable.

Montana Fair Housing

Montana Fair Housing is a non-profit organization aimed at the promotion of fair and equitable housing in Montana.

Housing and Urban Development – Montana Programs

Housing and Urban Development is a federal Department overseeing affordable housing programs and development.

Housing Authorities

Whitefish Housing Authority

The Whitefish Housing Authority promotes economic opportunities and quality, affordable housing for low to moderate-income based families in Whitefish, Montana.

Salish and Kootenai Housing Authority

The Salish and Kootenai Housing Authority offers affordable housing to the people of Flathead Reservation and provides support services to ensure residents can live quality lives.

Lake County Community Housing

The City of Ronan Housing Authority contains useful information on attaining accessible, affordable housing in Lake County Montana.

Richland County Housing Authority

The Richland County Housing Authority provides housing services to low-income families and individuals residing in Richland County, Montana.

Public Housing Authority of Butte

The Public Housing Authority of Butte provides high-quality, affordable housing opportunities to residents living in the Butter-Silver Bow area.

Northern Cheyenne Tribal Housing Authority

The Northern Cheyenne Tribal Housing Authority is dedicated to providing Northern Cheyenne tribal families living on tribal lands with quality, affordable housing services.

Missoula Housing Authority

The Missoula Housing Authority provides access to affordable housing and support programs to families across a broad range of income levels.

Affordable Housing in Miles City

Federally assisted low-income-based housing apartments for independents and families.

Housing Authority of Glasgow

The Housing Authority of Glasgow offers public housing apartments to low-income based individuals and families.

Helena Housing Authority

The Helena Housing Authority provides educational resources and application assistance for housing.

Great Falls Housing

The Great Falls Housing Authority aids income-eligible residents in finding safe, basic, and affordable housing.

Fort Belknap Tribal Housing Authority

Fort Belknap Tribal Housing Authority administers housing projects and resources for community members in the tribe.

Dawson County

Dawson County Housing Authority provides low-income based housing and resources to individuals living in Glendive, MT.

Blackfeet Housing Authority

Blackfeet Housing Authority offers homeowners assistance with bills and utilities dating back to the start of the pandemic with their Emergency Rental Assistance Program.

Billings Home Front Partners

Billings Home Front Partners elevates the quality of life for community members by providing affordable housing and educational resources.

Apsaalooke Nation Housing Authority

Apssaalooke Nation Housing Authority provides housing education and assistance for individuals within the tribe.

Anaconda Housing

The Housing Authority of the City of Anaconda provides low-income housing options for residents in Anaconda, Montana.

Montana Housing Department

Housing Authority of Billings

The Housing Authority of Billings provides educational resources and application assistance for housing.

Action Inc. Butte HRC 12

Action Inc. provides resources and documentation on housing assistance and family and senior apartments.

Missoula HRC 11

Missoula HRC 11 provides information on educational housing programs such as first-time homebuyers, homeowner rehab, and emergency housing solutions.

Kalispell Community Action Partnership of Northwest MT

Kalispell Community Action Partnership offers educational workshops on housing and emergency rental assistance programs.

District 9 HRDC

District 9 HRDC provides housing programs such as finding affordable housing, homeowner assistance, and homeless services.

District 7 HRDC (excludes City of Billings)

District 7 HRDC offers education resources on housing services and programs such as homelessness, energy assistance, and affordable housing.

District 6 HRDC

District 6 HRDC provides emergency housing and housing assistance resources for community members within Fergus county.

Opportunities, Inc.

Opportunities, Inc. helps individuals and families compile strategies to combat homelessness, boost energy conservation, and educate them on renter support.

Action for Eastern Montana

Action for Eastern Montana works to strengthen, promote, and enhance the quality of life within communities by promoting affordable housing programs.

Field Agencies

A full list of field agencies that specialize in a wide variety of housing assistance and education.

Homeownership Resources for Buyers and Owners

Montana Housing provides financial programs that offer benefits for homebuyers like low-interest rates and closing cost assistance.

Community Partners and Resources

The Montana Department of Commerce partners with non-profit organizations and other government agencies to aid in the development of affordable homes and beautiful communities.

Montana Emergency Rental Assistance Program

The Montana Emergency Rental Assistance Program provides support to individuals who have experienced financial hardships and housing instability during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Energy Assistance Programs

LIEAP Local Eligibility Offices

Local offices help individuals determine whether they will qualify for the program and help them apply.

Low Income Energy Assistance Program

Low Income Energy Assistance Program, helping Montanans with low income to access water and energy resources, as well as winterization resources for homes.

Energy Share of Montana

Energy Share Montana helps people face energy crises, enabling Montanans to stay warm in the winter through furnace and weatherization programs, in addition to direct aid in paying for household energy.

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