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Ability Montana Programs

A woman in a wheelchair is talking to another woman in a living room.

If you require additional care in your home this program allows you to hire and oversee attendants of your choice, providing you with greater autonomy over your life.

A group of people in wheelchairs sitting on a pier.
Peer Mentoring

Peer mentors work with anyone who is adapting to a disability or seeking to increase their independence.

A woman helping a young girl with a walker in a gym.
Youth Programs

At Ability Montana, we believe that providing students, families, schools, and providers tools and resources at an early stage of the education process creates the best opportunity for success.

A teacher helping a young boy with a tablet.
Technology and Accessibility Tools

In a world progressing further and further into a digital age, access to technology and assistive software devices is necessary for Americans with Disabilities.

A woman in a wheelchair sitting in front of a group of people.

Helps people identify needs and practice effective communication skills to build and maintain self-empowerment.

A group of people hiking on a mountain.
Outdoor Recreation

A guided set of opportunities for adventure, allowing you to explore all that the outdoors of Montana has to offer.

A group of people clapping in a classroom.
Workshops, Classes, and Groups

Ability Montana’s goal is to provide opportunities for disabled Montanans to grow in their disability through community activities and group events.

A young man using a laptop in a library.
Independent Living Skills Training

We have a team of Independent Living Specialists (ILS) who offer an array of tools that empower people with disabilities to live self-directed, independent lives.

A woman is sitting in a wheelchair while a man is helping her.
Personal Assistance Services

The Personal Assistance Program allows people who are aging or have disabilities can hire caregivers that they choose, manage their own schedules, and decide how cares are provided in their own homes.