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Ability Montana Programs

A group of people in wheelchairs sitting on a pier.
Peer Mentoring

Peer mentors work with anyone who is adapting to a disability or seeking to increase their independence.

A man and a woman in a wheelchair are sitting in an office discussing something on a tablet. The man holds a pen, and there is a plant in the background.
Your Health. Your Home.

Tailored with your needs in mind, the Self-Direct Personal Assistance Program is an ideal solution for those seeking extra support at home while maintaining control over their care.

A woman in a wheelchair sitting in front of a group of people.

Helps people identify needs and practice effective communication skills to build and maintain self-empowerment.

A group of people hiking on a mountain.
Outdoor Recreation

A guided set of opportunities for adventure, allowing you to explore all that the outdoors of Montana has to offer.

A group of people clapping in a classroom.
Workshops, Classes, and Groups

Ability Montana’s goal is to provide opportunities for disabled Montanans to grow in their disability through community activities and group events.

A young man using a laptop in a library.
Independent Living Skills Training

We have a team of Independent Living Specialists (ILS) who offer an array of tools that empower people with disabilities to live self-directed, independent lives.

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