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Success Stories

Learning to Drive Again

I have been a C5 quadriplegic for some time now and have gotten to a place where I feel ready to drive again. I really wanted a truck that was set up for me to drive, so I consulted Ability Montana to figure out how to get what I needed.

They got back to me and told me that they met a gentleman out and about who had the type of truck I had mentioned. I met up with this man and he showed me his truck. 

Thanks to Ability Montana’s support, I figured out that I wanted a van instead because it better fit my needs.

Empowered Through Sharing

Ability Montana, with local collaboration, put on a production where community members with disabilities could get on stage and share their stories.

I had a truly eye-opening experience when I attended the opening night. The core of the evening featured 10 area residents who spoke of their struggles and successes in living with a disability. Their monologues were dramatic and tragic, humorous and heartrending, hopeful and inspiring. These monologues revealed the astounding efforts of our neighbors and friends to live with and overcome their disabilities with grace and determination.

Thank you, Ability Montana for organizing and presenting such an inspirational event. But mostly, thank you to the 10 people who shared their experiences so freely with us to help us start thinking– and talking– about what it means to be disabled.

Saved From Being a High-School Drop Out

During the third quarter of the school year, I had a traumatic accident that led to my disability. Navigating life is hard enough with my new disability, but I was crushed when the school asked me to drop out because of all the days I had missed.

Thankfully, Ability Montana helped advocate for me. I was able to tell the school that I wanted to stay and together we created a plan to assist me with my new limitations so I could continue to graduation.

Ability Montana also told me they would help me transition after high school into life living with my disability.

My Journey to Freedom

I would not be where I am today if it were not for Ability Montana.

After a traumatic and hard life, I decided to move to Montana. I was wheelchair-bound at the time and struggled physically, mentally, and emotionally. I barely left the house.

After being in contact with Ability Montana, they helped me find a new doctor, social opportunities, resources for physical fitness, and educational opportunities.

I started to ride a bike and after a while no longer needed a wheelchair. My new doctor helped me get off of my medications and I started to feel like myself again. I was excited to start working, and Ability Montana helped me get my GED and CNA training.

I now work full-time as a CNA and have my own apartment and my own car.

Transitioning Out of the Nursing Home

I was placed in the rehab portion of the nursing home to receive physical and occupational therapy until I was strong enough to go home and care for myself again.

It was a lot of work and it appeared I may not totally regain my strength and independence.

Ability Montana helped me as I transitioned. When agency-based services were no longer available and I faced losing my Personal Care Attendant (PCA), they helped my niece become my Personal Representative (PR) and set me up with the Self-Direct program.

Becoming My Son’s Paid Caregiver

My 3-year-old son is autistic. With appointments being 5 days a week and 20 miles away, it was extremely difficult for me to find and keep work. And the cost! I couldn’t afford daycare.

Ability Montana helped me apply for CFS/Self-Direct Services so I could become a paid caregiver for my son and continue being the best mom that I can be.

No Longer Homeless

My husband and I had a hard divorce. I was caring for my sister when he decided to sell our home and everything in it. He also didn’t make our car payments when I was gone so my car was repossessed.

I suffered a TBI some years ago and live off of SSI and retirement from the State of Montana.

I called Ability Montana, desperate. They called a real estate agency that said they would have some subsidized housing available at the end of the month.

They referred me to IL specialists who helped me fill out an Emergency Rental Assistance application.

To preserve our client's privacy, we have taken their names out of these success stories.

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