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A woman in a wheelchair sitting in front of a group of people.

Advocacy is an action taken to influence and create individual, social, and global change. Self-advocacy is the ability to educate peers and the public at large with self-awareness of what you want and need and how to communicate it effectively. At Ability Montana, we partner with individuals and groups to identify needs and practice effective communication skills in order to build and maintain self-empowerment.

In a country where we have to fight for our civil rights, self-advocacy is a necessary skill for independent living. We have rights must use our voices to ensure representation, develop confidence, and empower our peers. Effective communication allows us to tell others what we need to access our communities. Self-advocacy can be any of the following:

  • Assessing your needs
  • Assertive communication
  • Fighting for individual accommodations
  • Building self-esteem
  • Developing strong relationships
  • Understanding our rights and responsibilities

Get Involved! Join our Peer Network and find support for Self-Advocacy

Learn about self-advocacy and support others in theirs by joining a Self-Advocacy Peer Group

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