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Youth Programs

A woman helping a young girl with a walker in a gym.

Youth Services

Imagine a world where self-advocacy, self-empowerment, and goal-setting skills were defined and taught beginning in kindergarten. We can, and we want to be a part of making it happen. At Ability Montana, we believe that providing students, families, schools, and providers tools and resources at an early stage of the education process creates the best opportunity for success in the transition to adulthood and beyond. The stronger the voice we can empower our youth with, the louder they can impact change for our future..

Access and inclusion begin in the early years of our lives. We provide services to help kids and teenagers learn the advocacy and independent living skills necessary to thrive in our communities.

Youth and Family Education

Community living and a self-directed life are sometimes a team effort. We provide educational opportunities for youth and families to learn and grow in disability. These educational sessions range from advocacy training to Individualized Education Plan information. They are always aimed at helping youth prepare for independent lives that they direct.


Ability Montana works with service providers, schools, and families to help better understand what to expect during youth transitions. We provide information and training about how to best prepare for this important life transition. This includes information about which supports will be helpful and support in identifying important deadlines for services and more.

Youth Groups

Workshops and Peer Groups for kids and teenagers can provide new ways to learn self-advocacy and life skills that support independence, provide opportunities to give and receive support through peer relationships, and offer soft skills practice. Staff work with youth to explore interests such as recreation, which can create a lifelong impact.

Not sure where to start?

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